Identity development for MonteVerde Rowe: a real estate development located approximately one mile northwest of Druid Hill Park, a historic park in the Baltimore area. The development takes it name from an adjoining apartment complex, MonteVerde Apartments, and from the area's name Green Hill. MonteVerde Rowe presents potential buyers the opportunity to become a part of a revitalized community, by offering stable home ownership opportunities and the chance to be a part of a neighborhood. 
Logo design and propsed stationery for the MonteVerde Rowe realtor team.
Apartment rebrading concepts
Shot of finished brochure in model home
Brochure concept (flat), top panel (cover), bottom panel (brochure interior) folds open.
Environmental Display
The project received lots of attention in face-to-face venues, such as farmer's markets, park activities and home fairs, and creative called for clear, concise, matter-of-fact language so that interested prospects could gather information about MonteVerde Rowe.
Nomadic Display
Live shot of realtors at State Center Complex: a office complex conveniently located in the vicinity
The project used an aggressive digital strategy as well as in-person appearances to convert the interested into prospects and prospects into buyers. With that approach, much focus was placed on the appointment of a very tidy model home and photos that could aired on the web and various social media.
Web: Because the developers completed renovations that matched or exceeded area standards, part of the strategy was to focus on both the positioning MonteVerde Rowe as a community—tying in the apartment development—also, focusing on the well-constructed interiors with well-appointed photography. A couple of shots below demonstrate the strategy of using photography to help prospects see themselves in the homes.
photo courtesy of AHC, Inc.
photo courtesy of Phylicia Ghee
photo courtesy of Phylicia Ghee
photo courtesy of Phylicia Ghee
photo courtesy of Phylicia Ghee 
Winning the hearts and minds.
Because of the blight in various areas of MonteVerde Rowe's adjoining neighborhoods of Park Circle, strategic importance was placed on breathing life into the community by confronting the blight head-on. This sample, taken from the initial pitch shows conceptually how the developer could embrace their role in changing the outlook of the neighborhood.
Research showed that many thought leaders within the community were looking for change, yet many knew little of the project or its specifics (location, price, etc.) This creative sought to confront the notion that the project would fly under the radar and would also wholly connect with the prospect looking to connect with a builder seeking to help change the area's outlook in the "long haul".
Along with shaping up byways that led to the project, other ideas such as replanting neighborhood gardens and revitalizing the historical significance of the community were proposed.
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