Logo design.
The logo design developed was taken from a photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King on the Mall in Washington. Because of the legal constraints, pertaining to possible confusion of the monuments to Dr. King in Washington and Atlanta respectively, the official name of the Foundation had to be used at all times in regards to the project, hence the long name.

The Winning Design Announcement Brochure.
The Washington DC Martin Luther King National Memorial Project design was opened up to architects and entries came in from many places across the globe. This announcement presented the winning design, by Roma of San Francisco. The brochure measured 7" x 7" folded. It had a triple fold and measured 21"w x 14"h.
Brochure Cover, announcing the winning design of the Martin Luther King National Memorial Project Foundation.
Inner spread, with the mantra: "The Man, The Movement, The Message."
This inner panel introduces the public to the project.
Inner spread, demonstrating the detail of the winning architectural artwork by Roma studio of San Francisco.
Inner spread from an alternate angle.
Brochure interior (flat).

Groundbreaking Brochure.
Designed to be a keepsake, the brochure was designed with a cover, and the interior brochure opened out with copy that resonated the mantra of "The Man, The Movement, The Message", and in this case, "The Monument" was introduced in the center of the brochure.

The event program was placed in the interior of the brochure.
Groundbreaking brochure comes out of the introductory sleeve.
Inside cover panel.
The Man copy is on cover two opposite the signature photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King.
"The Message" panel (downward panel).
"The Movement" and "The Message" panels fold up and down, respectively, to reveal the introductory copy presenting the monument design and the event program.
Event program.
Event program interior.
Brochure interior, top panel (detail).
Brochure interior, bottom panel (detail).
Brochure interior (flat).
Brochure exterior (flat). Displays upside down so that folded panels read right-side up as a fold out piece.
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