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Speaking with the tech people over at Glossom … Great Comments.

“Me: Thanks so much… I thought I did but I can tell you I got turned around pretty quickly and thought I had done some stuff. Either way, thanks.

… & “Forza Ferrari!!!” I was rooting for Alonso to win it all. Not sure what is is about Vettel, but I never favored him though one has to think in four(?) years he’s pretty much proven that he has much more speed than, at least, Webber and most, the rest of the field. & thank goodness Massa retained his drive. I’ve felt for him ever since the incident and being a company man, he’s played the role of number 2 exceptionally in the second half. … And by the way, I think that team orders should be brought back… it’s such a farce to think that they don’t exist and if you have the privilege of driving an F1 car, if the situation deems it you should help “the team”.

Additionally, I’ve been a Ferrari fan since ’99 when Michael had to come back from the leg break. He was just so on the limit. I loved it. My friend hated him and said he’d never get another championship. I told him that Michael is so “mad” he’d cut off his own mother with a “Schumacher chop if need be” and the move on Barrichello about a year ago was nearly the proof of that. But as for Ferrari, while I admire some other manufacturers, I admire the fact that from a constructer point of view they are committed to staying in the sport where some others like BMW, Ford Toyota and Honda perceive it as an opportunity to “gain visibility and market share” and dip in and out as the feeling hits them. That is why Ferrari is tops…

Lastly, I read an article that said the goal of a racing program is not to make money. Corporations need to note that. Whew.


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One last comment: we at Glossom are crazy about Formula 1 … we have a bias for Ferrari … and we want to Feature some work on Formula 1 … ahahah

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What’s Your Status? “Rainbow Watching”

A rainbow in Reisterstown, MD in September 2012

Here’s a picture I took of a rainbow I saw as I came home from a friend’s surprise birthday party in September (just got it off my phone) Very pretty in ways that phone cameras couldn’t capture. Nonetheless, there I was along with about four other cars pulled over on the side of the road, snapping away. It’s so symbolic of our culture to see all of us updating our Facebook status and what not.

Victoria’s Secret Apologizes for Fashion Show Gaffe | The Exchange – Yahoo! Finance

Victoria’s Secret Apologizes for Fashion Show Gaffe | The Exchange – Yahoo! Finance.

Here’s a story from Yahoo! Finance about Victoria Secret using a Native American headdress on a model for their annual fashion show. To me, this story is intriguing because it demonstrates the amazing reach of imagery that designers have in the use of symbolism and how it can often be taken for granted. Despite the amazing reach, there is the responsibility of mining the cultural significance of such imagery and symbolism.

Despite the whimsy, and the knowledge that much of what the models wear in the show is not really intended for actual production or sale, the ignorant use of imagery within even one design has the ability to give the most unintended ramifications. It is perhaps too simplistic to think that one can simply dial up pages on the internet and unearth the cultural moirés of such a design element ahead of time, but while we live in an age of immediacy we also live in an age of design specificity.

It’s that specificity which can inform the story of a work. … And such work isn’t always done in the hour they give on an episode of America’s Top Model. One hopes that the development of a fashion show affords the designers more time than that. Because design is best done when the symbolism is fully understood to enhance the aesthetic, instead of trivializing, and worse yet, lampooning it.

In the Yahoo! article, a columnist for a Native American website, Ruth Hopkins, expounds on the design “… war bonnets are exclusively worn by men, with each feather symbolizing an act of valor.”

Sketch Found From 1993

At the time, even with an ugly game I came to appreciate that if you played ball up at Druid Hill, you can’t be polite and think that’s gonna make it. The year I drew this sketch, (’93) Charles Barkley was in the playoffs pulling more rebounds than someone his height should have. Made me think of saying: “Playin’ big down bottom …” and a somewhat corny line to boot. Those t-shirt lines were all the rage then.

“… Getting Big Down Bottom”

Sketch — Behind The Scene.

Thank goodness I photographed my sketch.

Initial Sketch for Poster Concept: 2 hours or so…

After finishing it, I was using it as reference for the Illustrator illustration I produced (hence a photo) and the draw of it must have been too strong. My son begged if he could draw on it, even though I encouraged him to draw one of his own —”try your best” I said … He seemed discouraged, until I just let him have a go at the drawing.

Left to its own devices, the sketch didn’t stand a chance.

It seemed that perhaps the collaboration made him happy—I dunno, just being a part of it.

Masterpiece …