“The Jiro Principle …”

I was telling somebody this … and I thought about it today after having some frustration with my “process” …

Quoted from an email:

I figured I’d pass along a bit of inspiration that I recently experienced that reminded me of the work required to be who we want to be. My wife got the movie, Jiro Dreams Of Sushi about a sushi chef in Japan who’s about 85 and goes to work everyday.

In the movie, Jiro has had the same routine for sixty? odd years on the path to being considered the best sushi chef in Japan. I really felt at home with the sense of working to really do what it is they do and it reminds me of the spirit of Scott Belsky’s book.

One scene, and then I’ll leave you was amazingly touching for me. The fella who is the egg sushi chef (specializes in one of the dishes) said that in so doing, becoming the egg chef he made something like 200 egg sushis (which had to be approved) before he was allowed to make them (for the public). He said when he made the egg sushi to the standard of Jiro, he was told: “make it like this” and he was so overwhelmed he cried because of how hard he worked (it takes something like ten years, just to get to that point where one could make the accompanying dishes).

Anyway, it was on my mind.

After watching that movie, it gives me a different perspective on the notion of complaining about the frustrations of my work.